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Garage Organization Services in Knoxville

Are you looking for innovative ways to control the growing mass of clutter in your garage? At WOW My Garage of Knoxville, we offer garage storage organization solutions to help people with solutions to this very problem. Our experts can give your garage a makeover and simplify your life, with our creative garage storage system services available in Knoxville. If you need help giving your garage the WOW factor, our team is here to help.

Who We Are

We offer the Knoxville community garage storage cabinet installation services to help people clean up their garage clutter and organize their essentials. Our organization systems go beyond letting you park your car in the garage. Organizing your garage helps simplify your life and gives you peace of mind. We believe in providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. That’s why we offer Knoxville residents exceptional garage storage cabinet installation services!

Garage Organization Services

With our garage organization services here in Knoxville, let us transform your garage space, providing ultimate functionality with a fresh, new look. Our Knoxville garage storage system experts will evaluate your space and design a system specifically for your needs. If you’re not sure where to begin, we can share our inspirational ideas with you and help you find the perfect solution.

Cabinet Installation

Do you wish you had a place to store every item in your garage? You will enjoy our garage cabinet installation services that help you carefully store and organize everything in your garage for easy access. You pick out the cabinets and we’ll take care of the rest! We install New Age, Trinity, Husky, and Kobalt cabinets that are available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Costco. Our cabinet systems help minimize floor clutter, so you can enjoy a functional garage, where there’s a place for everything.

Wall Organization

If your garage is full of tools and equipment, you’ll benefit from our wall organization systems. In addition to cabinets, we custom design hook, shelf, and basket systems to hang your tools, bicycles, gear, and much more, with wall systems that offer up to 100 pounds per square foot of holding capacity. Whether you need to organize your bikes or your garden tools, our wall organization systems hold it all within easy reach.

Garage Flooring

We provide more than just garage organization to the Knoxville community, we offer garage floor services too! Garage floors are subject to a higher level of use and abuse. Our exclusive Lifebond Floor System adds a durable, protective coating to your existing garage floor and provides a lifetime of faithful service for your home.

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