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Lifebond Floor System is exclusively offered by WOW My Garage. Our durable coating is meant to last a lifetime of residential service.

to the point

A properly prepared floor is the first step. We use diamond grinders create the ideal surface roughness and hand grinders on the corners, edges and on any cracks that need repaired. Next, we apply a very thick layer of Lifebond base coat. The Lifebond base coat creates a mechanical bond to the concrete that is 600 PSI strong. In the fourth step we apply tons of flakes to create vibrant colors. The granite looking floor that hides dirt and grime and adds grip to the concrete. Our final step is to apply Lifebond top coat that never needs recoating.

Floor Project At a Glance

total transformation

Because we care about preparation and skilled workmanship, we can do more with garage floors in less than a day.


It starts with a conversation. Let us help you explore possibilities and visualize ways you can bring more space opportunity, and control to your garage.

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