Our high-quality, ceiling racks and other mounted overhead storage system makes it easy store large, bulky, or seasonal items.

Let’s face it, there are certain items in your garage that simply don’t fit or belong anywhere else in your home. Storing your kayak in the winter can prove tricky. Finding a place for holiday decorations and large, seasonal yard décor during the summer months is an obstacle all its own. And what about bins of off-season clothing or your children’s hand-me-downs? Placing an overhead garage storage installation system in your Knoxville garage is a great solution for bulky items that will not fit in cabinets and can’t be stored inside the home. If you’re tired of items like these taking up valuable space on your garage floor, it’s time to contact the garage organization experts at WOW My Garage.

Two types of overhead garage organization options that our company offers are sizes 8 x 4 stationary and 4 x 4 manual lift. WOW My Garage’s Knoxville location’s garage ceiling racks are the best organizational solutions to hold your heaviest, bulkiest items safely and securely. Many overhead storage options look similar, but our overhead organization system has been proven to hold more weight, take more of a beating, and last infinitely longer than the competition. You’ll never regret investing in your peace of mind and clearing up some floor space in your garage.

When you reach out to our garage organization service team, you’ll be amazed at our process from start to finish. From the get-go, we treat you like family, and you’ll not only love your experience with WOW My Garage, but you’ll also finally have the tidy, organized garage that you’ve always wanted. Whether you want only our WOW overhead storage system or you want to give your garage a full makeover, we’ve got the right options to give you back your garage!

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We love garages! And we would love the chance to give you a free estimate for your Knoxville garage project. Remember, you’re just a phone call away from having the garage of your dreams! Call us today to schedule your overhead garage storage installation service in Knoxville!

Looking for more storage? Check out our Knoxville location’s Ceiling Racks, Wall Organization and Cabinets. Our team also specializes in overhead garage storage installation, when you find the ceiling rack that works for your space.

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