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There are many ways to improve the look and function of your garage. It always makes sense to add a coat of paint to the walls or install Lifebond floor coating to your garage floor, but what about garage storage solutions? All too often, our garages end up becoming a catchall for the clutter we accumulate over the years. Without a better place to store those holiday decorations or off-season clothing, our garages seem to become our unofficial storage rooms. WOW My Garage is a top garage makeover company serving Knoxville and the surrounding areas and have changed the name of the game when it comes to garage makeovers

Storage, Flooring, and organization

Our garage storage solutions at WOW My Garage offer a drastic improvement for the problem of clutter that’s attacking your garage. We can completely transform your space in Knoxville with our garage organization, storage, flooring, and custom cabinet options. We provide storage options that will keep your garage organized and the floor clear of clutter. Some of the garages we see are so overtaken by clutter that the homeowners have given up their parking spots to the storage items that don’t have a home anywhere else. We’re here to help! We can give back your parking spots and your peace of mind. As a leading garage makeover company in Knoxville, we have numerous garage makeover options for you to choose from:

  • WOW Cabinets — Keep clutter and debris off the floor with these chic, durable, customizable storage cabinets. 
  • Wall Organization Systems Our wall organization systems are great for storing tools, yard items, and so much more. 
  • Overhead Storage Systems — We offer durable, long-lasting overhead storage options for your large garage storage items. 
  • WOW Lifebond Floor System — When you give your garage floor a makeover with our exclusive Lifebond floor system, you’ll be amazed at the results!

If you’re ready to see exactly what our garage makeover company here in Knoxville can do for your garage, check out WOW My Garage today! We can talk with you about your specific needs and give you a quote for your garage makeover project. Contact us now!

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