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Free up floor space and utilize your walls with our heavy duty wall organization systems.

Wall Organization System Installation in Knoxville

Messy garages can be frustrating. It often happens gradually; clutter tends to pile up over the months and years. Before we know it, there’s hardly any walking space, and parking in your garage is difficult or even impossible. Between sporting equipment, yard maintenance tools, bikes, and everything else, an unorganized garage can quickly become aggravating. If you need some help organizing your garage, it might be time to contact the wall organization system installation experts at WOW My Garage in Knoxville. 

Our unique wall organization system is the perfect solution to your Knoxville home’s garage storage! Unlike flimsy organization solutions, our garage wall systems are made of the highest quality materials and hold up to 100 pounds per square foot. 

Also, our metal brackets used for installation are hidden, leaving you with a clean, cosmetically pleasing look. So, not only will your wall system hold the heaviest objects, but it will also look amazing! 

More Variety

The best part? When we install a wall organization system in your garage, we can install as many or as few cabinets based on your needs. Do you have just a few items you need to hang? We’ll put up a few panels. Do you need a way to hang a variety of objects safely and effectively? We can install enough wall organization panels so everything in your garage has a home—a home off the floor. What could be better?  

● Provides easy-to-reach storage for large items
● Our storage solutions free up floor space
● PVC construction and 100% waterproof
● Numerous hook, shelf, and basket options
● Up to 100 square feet of holding capacity

With a variety of color options and numerous outstanding features, it’s easy to see why people everywhere are choosing WOW My Garage to transform their garages with brilliant organization solutions. If you’re ready to see what we can do for you, contact WOW My Garage today for a free consultation on our garage storage and wall organization systems in Knoxville! 

Bright White



Weathered Gray

Golden Pine

Rustic Cedar

MORE combinations

The best part of our wall organization system is that you can do as much, or as little, as you want! As your organization needs change, our wall organization system will adapt.


It starts with a conversation. Let us help you explore possibilities and visualize ways you can bring more space opportunity, and control to your garage.

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