Custom Wood Cabinets

American made cabinets, built with you and the garage in mind, exclusively by WOW My Garage.

Custom Wood Garage Cabinets

WOW My Garage proudly offers the Knoxville community custom wood cabinets and installation services. Many of us often find ourselves looking for viable storage options within our garages. We struggle to get organized, and it seems that clutter ends up collecting either way. Between tools, paint, household chemicals, and everything in between, it can be difficult to find a permanent home for everything that’s stored in a garage. What is one to do with the odds and ends that find their way into our garages?

WOW My Garage offers the perfect solution for your Knoxville garage’s organization issues.

WOW My Garage provides beautiful custom wood cabinets and installation in Knoxville for your garage organization needs. With different color selections, size variations, and placement options, we can transform your cluttered garage to be an organized and peaceful place.

Customizable cabinets

Customize your WOW Cabinets to meet your specific style and organization needs and finally have the garage you’ve always wanted.

  • Easy Access Drawers — We offer full-length drawers that easily slide in and out for convenient access and efficient closure.

  • Smart Floating Design — Our floating cabinets offer an extra level of moisture protection in the event of flooding.

  • Satin Nickel Handles — Provide easy and stylish operation.

  • Professional Installation — Don’t bother with how-to videos; we’ll take care of every aspect of your cabinet installation!

  • One-Year Warranty — Our products are made to last and for that reason, we offer our 1-year warranty on our cabinets.

With our custom wood cabinets and installation services in Knoxville, our team of professionals can get your garage de-cluttered and organized! Are you ready to see how your garage can come alive and enjoy a new season of organization and freedom from clutter? Your garage doesn’t have to be a source of frustration for you; let WOW My Garage set your Knoxville home up with our custom wood cabinets and installation services so your garage can be everything you’d like it to be and more. Contact WOW My Garage now to learn more about our garage organization services or to get a quote for your very own custom garage cabinets.

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