We are focused on your 100% satisfaction through our “customer first” mindset throughout the entire garage transformation journey.

Josh Smith, Founder/CEO


WOW My Garage was founded by Josh Smith after being in the residential service industry for over 17 years, learning how to operate a successful and purpose driven company along the way. Starting as Healthy Indoor Air Services in 2003, his company was built on the principle of going above and beyond for both his customers and his employees. He worked to hire employees with integrity and strong work ethic to serve his customers. He worked to exceed the expectations of his customers and has won multiple awards over the years from the Better Business Bureau and received Angie’s List Super Service awards every year his company was listed. But even more important to him than the “business” principles that guided his company and his team, was his personal mission of making a difference in the lives of others. This mission is what really drove the company. As the company grew, so did it’s impact in the community. As more employees were hired, they were asked to serve in their communities to give back to the community that was providing their jobs. The company held regular serving events with its team members at homeless shelters, feeding centers, and other non profits that served the less fortunate in the community. Josh’s company became known as the example of how a company should exist in it’s community.

Over the years, the company grew from a startup with Josh answering the phones, meeting with customers and then doing the work himself; to growing his company into one of the largest home service companies in the entire southeast changing its name to Master Service Companies. The mission statement of his company was to be a “unique service company that radically serves it’s community” and has always been focused on using its resources to impact the lives of others.

Master Service Companies moved everything under a state of the art facility and continued to focus on customer service and company culture. In 2017, we expanded into North Carolina and Indiana and setup a corporate office in Knoxville to help service the additional work without sacrificing the professionalism and quality our customers came to expect. Because of our team, growing our business into these markets was done with relative ease as we became a notable alternative to long-standing competitors.

In early 2019, after seeing a friends’ cluttered garage, and realizing the frustration he personally has had with his own garage being ugly and disorganized, he founded Wow My Garage to address these issues. He built a team to research and develop the best products to accomplish this goal. He kept this company separate from his other companies because he knew the impact this company would have could be much larger than Master Service Companies.

In later 2019, our founder Josh Smith, received an offer from a large privately-owned company in the same industry and decided to sell his company he worked so hard to build. He knew he could use the resources from the sale to make an even greater impact and even donated over half his proceeds to start a non-profit foundation called “4th Purpose”.

After the sale of his company and setting up his foundation, he turned his focus to growing Wow My Garage with the same principles that helped him build his last home service company with the same mission of making an impact in the lives of others. He has set out to hire great employees that have a desire to serve our customers with integrity. He has set a standard to develop the best products and services for our customers and deliver those products and services in extraordinary ways. It is his hope that he can grow Wow My Garage and use its resources, just as he did with his other company, to make a difference in the communities we serve. He is the CEO of the company and yet does not even take a salary. His goal is to grow this company into the largest, family owned, home service company in the country and is committed to building the team necessary to accomplish this!



To impact the lives of others by operating a profitable garage remodeling company while taking care of our customers along the way.


To be the innovative industry leader in garage spaces.


To operate our company with integrity and values, while creating amazing garage spaces, all in a manner that makes every customer say “Wow”.


We promise to always do what’s right, and if we aren’t able to meet our customers’ expectations we will make it right.



We believe in setting a perfect standard by which repeatable processes will lead to exceptional results for our customers, vendors, and team members. We see every day as a new opportunity to make ourselves better and improve upon the previous day.


We believe that great ideas do not come from individuals, they come from a team. No decision is made without getting feedback and insight from our team members, vendors, and customers. Flipping the traditional business hierarchy on its back, our organization focuses on empowerment, freedom to pursue ideas, and truly a mindset that everything is better when you are together.


We believe in everything matters, down to the little things that are often overlooked by our industry. The feeling of excitement when you saw an ad online showing a garage like yours getting transformed into a man cave. The comfort you had after scheduling an appointment with our “Out of this world” customer care team because they treated you in a respectful and professional manner. The joy in realizing our Designer showed up on time, aligned with your needs, and did not use hard closing tactics as you became a customer. The satisfaction upon the arrival and departure of our full-time installation staff that knew exactly how to meet and exceed your expectations. And finally, the happiness after getting a call once the job was complete to ensure you were 100% satisfied, knowing that the call was not to collect payment or sell you something else. It is this experience that we foster and promote throughout our organization and network.