7 Proven Ways to Organize Your Garage

  Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your garage?  You’re not alone.

Most of us get to the point where we don’t want to go into the garage.  We begin to realize that our expensive cars are sitting in the driveway while our garage space is filled with Christmas decorations, empty Amazon boxes, coolers and assorted power tools.

The entire process can be quite daunting, unless you have a plan and some time.  Here are 7 proven ways to get your garage organized.

1. Start With the Junk

Clutter seems to multiply.  Clutter left long enough in your garage becomes junk.  Before long, the junk overtakes your garage.  Start with the easy things.  Throw away or recycle those old boxes, plastic containers, anything broken, and everything else that has been laying on the garage floor for over a year.

2. Sell, Donate, or Keep

Every year garage owners go through the same decision process.  We look at the things in our garage and try to remember the last time we used them, or even why we didn’t get rid of them last year.  When all the junk is gone, create three categories: Sell, Donate, and Keep. Assign piles for each category and sort everything.  Yes, everything!  Once you have your items sorted, begin to Sell and Donate.  Complete this step quickly.  You will need the room for the items you want to Keep!

3. Categorize and Group

Now it’s time to categorize items you want to Keep.  Typical categories may include sports and golf gear, home maintenance, automotive, gardening, and holiday decorations.  Once you have made your basic categories, start to group the items together.  You may have found a use for those old Amazon boxes!  Box up items so that they can be moved easily.  You might even discover more items that fall into the Sell and Donate group.  Be sure and label the boxes. Suggestion: Don’t buy new totes, bins, and boxes to organize your items just yet. You may determine that these new containers are not the best size or lack durability.

4. Plan from Floor to Ceiling

Consider how you want to use your (now almost empty) garage space.  Create a zone plan for your garage space.  Review the items you plan to Keep and decide which zone each type of item will live. Consider how frequent you will use these items and how much space they require. For instance, recycling should live near the entrance to the garage, and tools should live near the workbench.  Less frequently used items can be stored off the garage floor with wall or ceiling mounted shelving and cabinetry.

5. Begin with the Floor

Now that everything is sorted and boxed up, it’s time to address the cracks and stains on your garage floor.  Determining which garage floor coating you choose can have a serious impact on the overall look and use of your garage.  We suggest starting your garage makeover with a durable Lifebond polyaspartic floor coating that will look amazing and last a lifetime.

Epoxy coatings or DIY floor paints, will fade or yellow over time. Even in direct sunlight, Lifebond is 100% UV stable.  A quality floor coating will stand up to extreme heat from vehicle tires, and eliminates hot tire marks on your floor.  Lifebond floors provides a crystal-clear finish that never needs to be recoated and is guaranteed never to fade, peel or delaminate from your garage floor.

6. Add Cabinet Storage

Cabinets are a great option for garage organization, as they allow for storing of a wide range of items. Our WOW Cabinet systems are purpose built for the garage and the ideal solution for getting your items out of sight and free from dust. With everything behind closed doors, your garage will have the clean, organized feel you’ve always wanted. Our modular garage cabinets are constructed of furniture grade wood from trees grown in Michigan and Canada and come in several modern colors.   These American Made cabinets are “legless.” They are mounted 4” to 6” off the floor to prevent water damage and make cleaning your garage easier.

Upper and lower cabinets are a great start to your garage plan. Tall utility cabinets provide storage for paint, motor oil, and other chemicals, keeping them out of the reach of children and pets. If you plan on creating a workspace for your hobbies and projects, we offer durable worksurfaces with drawers to store almost anything. There are plenty of options for you to consider.  Make sure your garage storage is durable and easy to use, with enough space and sturdiness for everything you want to Keep.

7. Use the Walls

While you may not have considered the upper walls and ceiling of your garage for storage, WOW Slat wall panels bring order to hard to store items that take up valuable floor space.  Weed eaters, bicycles, rakes or even large items like kayaks and totes will now have a place in your garage.  WOW Slat offers a wide range of hooks, shelves, baskets, garage storage bins and more. Supporting 300lbs per square foot, WOW Slat is heavy duty! Seamless integration between wall panels add function and design to your wall storage. If you have unique storage challenges, consider heavy duty bike racks, overhead storage racks, and even Jeep top lifts for your garage.

WOW My Garage invites you to imagine more from your garage space. Schedule your free consultation with one of our design experts today, and take your garage organization to the next level.